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It might be working: The absence of music videos from Drake in a year loaded with videos and releases from Kendrick, Jay, and Meek seems like an indication that he’s beginning to get the message.

Kendrick is a good and faithful guy, but he’s also a merciless contender, an artist unwilling to accept anything less than uncontested dominion over rap.The question, then, is why Meek would sacrifice the development of his own career to put a dent in Drake’s own. Quite possibly — jealousy over Meek’s then-girlfriend Nicki Minaj certainly couldn’t have helped — but there may be other factors.It’s notable that, even in the midst of beefing with Meek, Drake started taking more and more shots at Jay-Z: “I used to want to be on Roc-a-Fella, then I turned into Jay,” Drake boasted on “Summer Sixteen.” The decision to go after Jay doesn’t make sense.With on the charts despite being released later in the year and having ten fewer tracks to juice the streaming counts, it’s evident that Kendrick is now even or better with Drake in the one field where Drake seemed unbeatable.In terms of street cred and lyricism (the other two traditional criteria in a rap beef), Kendrick was already dominant.

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